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Walks and Sunshine

The last few weeks in North Wales have been spectacular. The sun has been shining so much and the flowers are in full bloom all around. Today is the first rainy day in a while, although its now been a few weeks since I started this post. I have been up to lots of busy spring things.

I finally managed to make it to the top of Snowdon, after living here for nearly six years now. It was a long walk and I ended up going with just Millie Dog. I had to carry her on the way down in some spots, as her little legs got a bit too tired. I‘m super proud that I managed to do it. If I told myself in January that I would have hiked Snowdon I would have laughed.

I can’t even begin to describe how busy it was up there, of all the walks around Snowdonia that I have done, this was probably my least favourite. The views are beautiful, but there are just as spectacular views elsewhere without the que at the top. It was so busy I was’t able to snap one selfie without a stranger in. It’s only getting worse now that the weather is warming up, so I think that was the first and last time I will do that hike. If you are planning to hike Snowden, please come prepared. Leave nothing but foot prints and take nothing but photos. The amount of people under dressed and leaving there trash was infuriating. I carry a spare bag now, just for other peoples trash. All in all, I am proud but not excited to go


Since I hurt my back, I haven‘t really had the motivation to do any sort of physical activity. However, I know that I feel better when I am more active. The issue is that I do still get pain, but the thing of it is, I will have the pain if I sit around being miserable all the time too. So it‘s better to be active and happy, with some pain instead.

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