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Gwydyr Forest

I broke my back falling down the stairs just over a year ago, and have had continuous back

pain ever since. It gets worse when I exercise. Therefore, it has been very difficult for me to get into shape over the past few months. I am determined to at least try and move more, as I am in pain regardless of whether I sit at home or get out. The key difference being that if I do get out I feel loads better mentally. So I whack on a heat patch and out one foot in front of the other.

I got a book of 30 low-level and easy walks around where I live in Snowdonia. I decided to choose a random one and just go for it. Having hiked a good chunk of the Llanberis path up Snowdon the previous Saturday I figured a nice, easy walk would do me good. I was surprised to find that this was not an easy walk, it was quite strenuous! A quite low elevation gain overall (240 metres), although portions were quite steep inclines. It was a good mix of challenging parts and flat easy parts. Allowing you (if you’re like me, and relatively unfit) to catch your breath. Some parts were quite steep and I just had to take them slow.

The walk is around 4.5 miles, and took me a fair bit longer that the book said. I had to really walk fast towards the end to get to Luke for school. Unfortunately, my Apple watch died and so I didn’t get the full stats of the workout. I started at midday and finished at 3:15pm. Overall, although it wasn‘t the easy walk I was expecting, it was very enjoyable. A nice mix of wood, farmland, mountain, track. However, some parts were quite, how to put this, ugly. Either a beautiful view or a grey path, but I guess that’s expected. All in all, an enjoyable walk in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.

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