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A well needed break.

Updated: May 12, 2022

We had a lovely little holiday in Tenerife, Spain last month. It was just the little pick me up we all needed. We were meant to be headed out to Thailand for an amazing adventure. However, Alexander got the dreaded Covid a few days before we were due to leave. Unfortunately, this meant that none of us could go, so the whole thing got cancelled. (Thank goodness for insurance!) We were very lucky to be able to make up for it, with a last minute trip to Tenerife. Not exactly Thailand, but still wonderful. Luke stayed in Bristol with his granny (his choice), and James, Alexander and I jetted off for a few weeks.

It was warm in Tenerife, but it wasn’t nearly as warm as I was hoping. We even had a little rain on a few days. But it was lovely to relax and do some exploring too. We rented a car, so we could travel around the island a bit. We even ditched the hotel towards the end of the trip to go and stay up North. We stayed in a little Air BnB, that was adorable. There were three little chickens and we got to have fresh eggs. It was a beautiful house, and well worth the trek up there.

We had intended to hike up Mt Teide, the volcano in Tenerife. But unfortunately we weren’t able to get the permit required to hike to the summit. Instead I found a hike in the north on ‘All trails’, which is a hiking trails app. The walk started in a place called Afur, where we walked up and down through a volcanic valley to a black sand beach called Playa de Tamadite. This was a magnificent walk. We nearly talked ourselves out of going for a walk, but I am so glad we did it.

All in all it was a fantastic trip with lots of fun things to see. One of James clients was actually on the exact same flights as us, and we had a lovely few dinners with them. We took my new stand up surfboard with us, but didn’t find anywhere to use it until the very last day. By then it was too late, which was a rotten shame. We even got to use the airport lounges, which just made the travelling that much nicer. Can’t wait to travel again!

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