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Laburnum Arch

Spring has now certainly arrived in Wales. I went to Bodnant gardens the other day. It’s a magical garden, just up the road from me. I got a membership there so I can go and sit there any time. This year was the first year I got to see the laburnum arch. It‘s so beautiful. It was very busy there with week, as it’s quite popular. That also made it quite hard to get a photo without people in. However, I did get a few. Although, they really don‘t do it justice, and I would highly recommend going in person. The smell and colours aren’t really something that can ever truly be described.

If truth be told though, I actually prefer the wisteria. Yellow is my favourite colour, but the delicate purple of the Wisteria is precious. It was lovely to see all the different types of flowers coming into bloom. I was there a couple of months ago to see all the daffodils and Magnolia trees. The garden just always has something to display.

Big love,

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