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Conwy Water Garden

Alexander (boy) sitting in shade

Gold fish in pond

Boy amongst trees

wooden logs in piles

Boy in sunshine with ice cream

big green shiny leaves growing out of water

Two boys in shade eating ice cream

Chicken eating food from hand

White duck looking for food

I have been trying to do more things with the boys after school, as they often get bored when at home. The local libraries have all started reopening, now that we are no longer in such severe lockdowns. I decided it would be nice to go to the library once a week and let the boys choose some books. They are both avid readers. I don‘t know where they get it from, as I am a seriously slow reader. It‘s hard to believe that I have a first class law degree. I’d love to be able to read books as quickly as my siblings and children. I often will get books and read a bit and give up. That probably something to do with my suspected ADHD. That’s not to say I didn’t also get some library books, although I’m not sure I will be able to read on in a week! I got a parenting book about the love languages of children and requested some books last week about adults with ADHD, which I collected today.

There is an adorable little garden centre in Conwy, up the road from us. It’s a water garden that sells all manner of pond plants, fish and accessories. I actually built a pond and got three little fish from there in the spring. It has a lots of big koi fish ponds, little pools of smaller fish and very well stocked aquarium. We tend to have a nose around the shop and aquarium first, before buying some fish and duck food and heading out on the trail. They have a free little nature walk which is fantastic for young children. They have ducks, geese, turtles, pheasants and even an adorable pair of otters. The walk is very peaceful and we like to go on a Monday. Mondays are a good day to go if your local, as they also have a Dutch pancake house that is very popular which it’s closed Mondays. This means that there aren’t as many people and is a nice quiet and peaceful time to visit.

We got the little chickens to eat some food from our hands, and it made me realise just how much I miss having my little chickens. I really wish we could have some here, but our landlords have said no. I am looking forward to the day I can have my own house. Still a ways off from that though, more hard work to be done. I haven’t made too many plans for this week, as it‘s my little Alexanders 15th birthday tomorrow. I can’t believe that he is going to be 15! Time is flying past too quickly! I hope you all have a wonderful week and find time to fit in some fun activities with your loved ones too.

Big Love,


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