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My garden is bursting with life. Each morning, I step outside to strong fresh growth, a true display of nature's beauty. My rose bushes and peonies, once bare sticks in the ground, are now stand tall and proud, adorned with delicate buds. The tomatoes, cucumbers, and chillis are thriving, promising a lovely harvest in the months to come.

But amidst this abundance, I find myself struggling to keep up with the demands of daily life. The dishes pile up in the sink, laundry forms mountains in the corner, and dust gathers on every surface. It's a constant battle against a never-ending cycle of chores and responsibilities. Being a single mum is hands down the most difficult experience of my life. Don’t fancy cooking tonight? Tough, no one else is going to help you. Need a break? Well you can have one in 18 to 25 years. Sometimes, everything is just a little bit more than I can handle.

And then there's my sweet, neurospicy child. His energy and sass knows no bounds, his curiosity endless. He darts from one activity to the next, leaving a trail of mess in his wake. But with that boundless energy comes a unique set of challenges, moments of frustration and exhaustion that test my patience to its limits. Being a single mum is hard, being a single SEN mum is a whole other level of hard.

But despite the chaos and the challenges, there's a sense of peace that washes over me when I'm in the garden. As I dig in the soil, feeling the earth between my fingers, I find my calmness. The gentle hum of bees, the little quail calls and the wind in the Snowdonia woods. It reminds me that life, like the garden, is a balance of ups and downs. I just need to get through this moment so that I can enjoy the next season of my life.


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