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Gardening 2022

I can’t remember if I wrote about my small raised bed last year. Basically, I finally made a small raised bed here in Wales, in order to grow some veg. Last year I started very late, and didn’t actually grow very much in the bed. It‘s in quite an exposed spot, it gets very windy in our large garden. This year I decided to grow things that are shorter and happy in the wind. Except one thing, sweet corn. I’ve not grown it before and will just have to stake it in. Fingers crossed it doesn’t mind the wind too much. I’ll be posting about how I get on this year.

I am growing lots of spuds this year, as they are easy and grow well around here. I know that they are cheap to buy, but I don’t see much point in growing things I’m not going to like. Everyone loves potato. I have done some early and some main crop, and split them between the raised bed and growing sacks. Everything is shooting up and already been earthed up once. looking forward to buttered potato’s at our BBQ’s this year.

I do really enjoy gardening, but as with all my hobbies I go through ups and downs in interest. Its so difficult for me to do things consistently. I don’t know why I struggle so much with this. I wonder if anyone else has this problem and not just me. So long as I can do a little bit each day, then things should be okay. Also, now that the fish are awake, I have to feed them everyday so that brings me outdoors.

Big love,

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