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Chicken Escapades, Quail Arrival, Greenhouse Setup, and Seed Planting

A pale blue chicken egg

A greenhouse


A quail Egg

Two little quail


Male and Female Quail

Seed packets laid out

Garden Soil in tray

Seed potatoes set out in egg boxes

As the seasons transition and the promise of spring looms, our homestead has been a buzz with activity lately. From the unexpected return of escaped chickens to the arrival of new quail, and the exciting endeavour of setting up a greenhouse and planting a plethora of seeds, days have been filled with both challenges and joys. The weather here in Wales has been unexpectedly mild, with very few frosts. The Daffodils are shining their happy little yellow faces everywhere you look. Spring is on the way.


The Great Chicken Escape


To our surprised the escaped chickens all made their way back to the roost. Each had ran off in a different direction and spent the nights in the trees of Eryri. I ended up replacing the girls, thinking that they would never return, and in the end they all walked right back into the run! So, three chickens became five chickens. But who could stop there. When I saw someone advertising Cream Legbar chickens near my home I couldn’t resist! So, five chickens became eight. The flock is near complete, with three last girls arriving this weekend. The words crazy chicken lady come to mind.


Welcoming New Quail Residents


One of the highlights of the past few weeks has been the arrival of new quail to our homestead. These delightful little birds bring not only their charm but also the promise of tiny fresh eggs. Welcoming them to their new home has been a delightful experience, as we've watched them settle in and begin to explore their surroundings. It’s certainly been an adventure, as we sadly lost one already to injury. I decided that the injury was simply too bad, and I felt the best thing to do was put him to sleep (I’ll talk about this in a future post). Also, the group of ‘girls’ we got turned out to mostly be male, so we’ve already gone from five to seven, with more hens on the way to make the groups more even! Our little clutch of animals is growing much faster than I ever anticipated.


Setting Up the Greenhouse


With the arrival of spring in sight, I've been busy preparing for the growing season ahead. The most exciting project has been the setup of my new greenhouse. It arrived early February and took a full day to put together. This will not only extend the growing season but also provide a controlled environment for nurturing tender seedlings and experimenting with new varieties. I’ve spent a significant amount of time in there already!! On a sunny day it’s a nice place to just sit and relax. Yesterday I potted up a young fig tree that will reside in there this season and hopefully bear fruit later this year.




In anticipation of the growing season, I’ve been busy sowing seeds both indoors and out. From the vibrant hues of fancy aubergines to the delicate tendrils of climbing peas, I’ve been able to get a head start this year with a heat pad. Each seed planted represents a hope for abundance, a connection to my land, and my commitment to sustainable living. A couple of things I’ve sown this month are, Chilli’s, Peas, Lettuce, Spinach, Aubergine, Lemon Grass, Garlic, Onions, Marigolds, and Alyssum. I’ve got my potato crops chitting away, ready to go into the ground and pots soon. I get such joy from knowing that in a few short weeks, the garden will be filled with growth and colour.


Looking Ahead


As I reflect on the events of the past few weeks, I’m filled with gratitude for the blessings of my little piece of earth. From the challenges of corralling my wayward chickens, to the joys of observing adorable quail antics, each day brings new lessons. As I look ahead to the season to come, I do so with excitement and anticipation, knowing that each day will bring me new adventures. A couple of projects on the list include getting the raised beds in place, planting trees, and cleaning the pond. There is never a shortage in jobs to do at the moment and it’s keeping me busy, and happy.

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