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Pea shoots

Young plants in greenhouse

chickens in pen

Fire pit

Young veg plants in garden bed

Seedlings in greenhouse

White chicken

Seedlings in windowsill

Statue of dog by pond

Greenhouse plants


It really is amazing how quickly things start to grow in the spring. A few extra minutes of sunshine a day are enough to make a multitude of plants happier. I have been busy in the garden all over the place. I have built and filled 9 new raised beds, built a new nesting box for the ladies, and tended to my ever growing number of seedlings. I’m so excited by spring I felt I had to share some of the joy with you all.

New raised beds in my garden stand proud , each one promises a future of abundance. Constructing and filling them was a labor of love, but the thought of the lush vegetables and colorful flowers they will soon cradle made every moment worthwhile. I made them all out of reclaimed scaffolding boards. I used a combination of methods for filling them up, but mostly used compost that I ordered in bulk. I must say it was costly to get set up, but they are here now and will provide us many hundreds of pounds of food for years to come. Each year I can refresh the soil with homemade compost going forward. As I gaze upon them, I am filled with excitement about the beautiful growing season ahead.

Crafting a new nesting box for my feathered companions brought a sense of whimsy and charm to the hen house. With its rustic design and cozy interior, it’s a welcoming haven for my girls, offering a safe and comfortable place to lay their eggs. As you can see I’m not quite finished painting in there, but it’s still looking very sweet. As I watch them flit about the garden, I can’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that I’ve provided them with a cozy retreat where they can thrive. However, we have had some sad news, with one of our more recent girls suddenly passing away. It’s difficult when this happens, but I’ve come to learn that it’s natures way. She was only young, and hadn’t even began to lay eggs yet. Sometimes these things just happen.

Tending to the ever-growing number of seedlings has become a daily ritual that fills me with joy and anticipation. Each tiny green shoot represents the promise of new life and the potential for a bountiful harvest. As I carefully water and nurture them, I marvel at their resilience. I have very clearly grown far to much. I kind of thought it might be more difficult and that some would inevitably not survive. However, almost every seed I’ve sown has germinated. My greenhouse and home is packed with little plants that rely on me to survive.

It’s just a wonderful time of year and a peaceful existence here in my world. I hope you are having a beautiful spring where you are.

Big love,


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