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Llyn Crafnant

There is a beautiful lake near our house and whenever we have visitors, we bring them to see it. It has a walking trail that is flat and easy, which takes about an hour. It’s perfect for kids. There are banks around the lake that you can paddle and play in. The walk takes you all the way around the lake, so you get to see it from every angle. There are little cottages dotted around the lake and you can rest them, I believe.

The lake is nestled in a valley between two tall mountains which seem to keep the strong winds out. Making this a great activity to do on a rainy day too. Although, it always seems nicer with the sun is peeking through the tree canopy. Of all the walks around our home, this one we have done the most and each time we go it seems more beautiful than the last.

We had a fantastic day there recently with James’ cousin and family. We had a delicious pub lunch and then walked the circuit. Their doggos were an absolute delight and I couldn’t resist snapping them while they enjoyed the cool water in the Lake. It makes a change from Millie, who would never fully swim in the Lake. Luke, on the other hand, didn’t hesitate to get straight in the water fully clothed. Soaked head to toe, he had to walk the rest of the way like that. Fair play to him though as he didn’t moan once.

I’m going to miss these hot sunny days as the fall begins to creep in. But with the fall comes berries and crispy leaves to crunch.

Big love,

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