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Winter’s Glow: Dreaming and Planning by the Fireside.

Clothes Drying by the fireplace

In typical Sarah fashion, I left the back to school washing to the last minute. Not to worry, clean white shirts and maroon jumpers dry quickly by the fireplace. With fresh clean uniforms the boys headed back to school today, and me to work. Last night was a cozy night in of chores and planning.

I’ve used a couple of things to plan my garden, but the main tools are a tape measure and an iPad. I have used GrowVeg Garden Planner for years now, not an add, I just love them. It’s not changed much over the years, but it doesn’t need too. It has everything I need to plan my garden, and I’ve used it since my first garden in Chew Stoke. But before, I started planning I had to see the state of things as they are now and measure up. I have a huge new garden, and deciding where to put the raised beds was not a simple decision. I got my house last May, so I was able to determine where the best, most sunny spot is. I didn’t do any gardening last year, as my efforts were spent on the inside of the house during the renovation. However, I did dig a massive pond and built a rockery around it (I’ll do a post on that at some point).

Having determined the best spot for my garden, the next stage is pen and paper. Although, I rarely use pen and paper these days, as I have my iPad, so all notes are done in Goodnotes. It’s a fantastic app that I use for planning, journaling, work, all sorts. If you have an iPad you should get it. I drew out my plans, and made lists. On the weekend, I got some reclaimed wood locally, that I will used to make my raised beds. It’s so exciting to have raised beds again. The last time I was able to do this was in 2015 in my council house (you can read about it here). It’s amazing to think how far I have come since then.

Web page Grow Veg Planner

Goodnotes Page with plans

In the GrowVeg planner, I mapped out the garden. For now, that’s where I’ve stopped. I have some ideas of what I want to grow this year, but I’m awaiting my seed catalogues, before I start with the next stage. In the app I can easily add rows of plants, and it will even tell me what is good to plant near, tell you when to plant based on your climate, and many other useful tips. I just love it. It the build stage next, and this time of year is perfect for that, as not a whole lot to grow at the moment (although I was tempted on my recent trip to the garden centre by some beautiful Hellebores, for the front garden). I will post again soon if the snow doesn’t freeze my plans.

Big love,


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