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A Year of Silence: Rediscovering the Joy of Blogging Through Homesteading.

Sarah standing nest to a sold sign, holding her dog.

A few of the land from up in the hills.

Have you ever felt the weight of silence? The absence of words, the pause in storytelling, the hush in sharing your journey? That's exactly what the past year has been for me, a hiatus from the world of blogging. But oh, how that silence has been filled with the symphony of life!

As I sit down to write again, I find myself surrounded by the newness of a place I now call home. It's not just any home--it's a canvas for my dreams, a canvas I’m eagerly preparing to paint with the colours of a homestead lifestyle.

This new house represents more than just a physical structure; it symbolizes a milestone in my life. After years of renting and moving from one place to another, this is the first home I can call my own. The significance of this transition isn't lost on me. It's a testament to hard work, determination, and the realisation of a long-cherished dream.

Renting offered its own set of experiences and lessons, but there's something profoundly

different about owning a space, a sense of permanence, the freedom to make it truly mine, and the responsibility that comes with nurturing not just a house but a future homestead.

In these initial moments of settling in, the house feels like a blank canvas, a treasure trove of potential waiting to be unlocked. The ideas and plans to turn this space into a homestead are buzzing in my mind. From envisioning raised garden beds filled with vibrant produce to sketching out spaces for chicken coops and compost bins, every corner holds the promise of a sustainable, self-sufficient future.

But this phase isn't about rushing into action; it's about meticulous planning and thoughtful consideration. Although the desire to do everything all at once is strong. It's understanding the land, the climate, and the rhythms of nature that will guide the transformation. Each day is an opportunity to gather knowledge, gather resources, and lay the groundwork for the homestead-to-be.

The silence may have been long, but the stories waiting to be told are abundant. Here's to rediscovering the joy of blogging, weaving words into the tapestry of this homesteading adventure.

Welcome back to my world--my humble abode turned homestead.

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