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The last days of summer

As the last days of the summer holidays came and went, I couldn't help but feel a bit guilty of not making it more memorable for the boys. Most of our days were spent lazing around and enjoying the lack of alarm clocks. Although, I must admit I did miss the routine of term time occasionally. I feel I should have taken the boys out more, or done more activities with them. Mum guilt at it's finest, I guess. I suppose with the added pressures that the virus has put on our lives, I felt that even small trips would not be worth the risk. I can't say we didn't have any fun though.

We went to Greece at the very beginning of the summer holidays. Our first time taking the kids abroad (other than to the states to visit family). They had a wonderful time. We soaked up the sun and ate ourselves silly. The sunshine was particularly enjoyable, as the summer in Wales has been dire this year. Although, now that the kids have gone back to school, the sun has decided to make an appearance at last. I suppose that is just typical of British weather.

On our final day of the summer holidays, we took a little trip to see James' mum. Having not been to her house since the pandemic began, it was lovely to spend some time with her. I forgot how beautiful it is in idyllic Croesor, where she lives. She kindly had the boys for a few hours, so James and I could have a little time to ourselves. It is nice to hit the reset button when you're a parent, especially a special needs parent. We went for lunch and then enjoyed a very short stroll, as James has hurt his foot.

With the boys now back at school and the days getting shorter, I thought I would spend a bit more time doing the things that I enjoy. I missed blogging and taking photos. I tend to write for a few months and then dwindle off. I have come to the realisation that I may well have ADHD, or some other form of neurodiversity. It's something that I plan to look into, and perhaps understanding it more will help me to understand myself (and Luke) better. I look forward to sharing my musings and photographs with you all.

Sarah Signiture

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