My October top five!

Hello and happy Friday. I thought that I would share with you my top five products for October; what they are and what I use them for in my daily life. I'm constantly trying new products, as there are just so many to try.

Number 5: 
Aloe Heat Lotion

This is my god send whenever I get aches and pains! I love Aloe Heat Lotion as the smell is not too strong. It takes a few minutes to kick in, but when it does, the relief is tremendous.

I have been learning amazing new tricks with this wonderful potion too. I added a small amount mixed with one pump of Aloe Hand Soap to hot water in a tub. As soon as I dipped my feet in, it felt like a slice of heaven.                                                                                                        I have also been using this bad boy to combat headaches lately. Along with increasing magnesium by taking Forever Calcium, I smooth the smallest amount on my temples, behind my ears and on the back of my neck.

Number 4:
2x MDP

 I must admit this is a product that has taken me some time to actually try out. We have quite sensitive skin in our house and I used to swear by only one washing powder! I love the smell my laundry had when I use this baby. It is incredibly concentrated, so I only use the tiniest amount.

I am super excited to start using it in other places around the house, so I bought some spray bottles to use.  I only need to add a small amount and top it up with good old H2O to have myself a brilliant all round cleaner. We all know how much I love cleaning....

Number 3:
Forever Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen is not something that I ever thought I would be ingesting. There are many benefits to taking Bee Pollen and I would urge you to do some research on it if you are interested in taking it. 

I take it and reap the benefits it gives me personally. I find that it gives me the same boost of energy that a cup of coffee would give, but it lasts all day! 

*Bee Pollen is not recommended to pregnant of breastfeeding women, or persons with a pollen allergy.

Number 2:
Forever Aloe Lips

This little number is fantastic for this time of year! My lips always seem to get dry in the autumn winds. Aloe Lips is so soft and smooth and makes the perfect base to my favorite lipstick. 

I don't just use this little wonder on my lips, it is an all round tool. Little Nats and Mosquitoes are thriving at this time of year in North Wales. A little dab of this and it soothes the itch and makes it heal so much faster. 

I have now keep one or two of these in my bag, as they are perfect on the go. They are a first aid wonder and have now become the "magic cream" for cuts and grazes on my little men. It really is a little magic cream! 

Number 1
Aloe Blossom Herbal Tea

I really don't think that there is anything more cozy than an autumn evening by the fire with a hot cup of tea. This delicious new product has me snuggling up more times than I should be! 

It has such an autumn taste and smell. The Cinnamon and Orange combined is so sweet and fragrant and the Chamomile sets me off into a super stress free, relaxed mood. For me there is just something special about having a delicious cup of tea in my best china and snuggling up with my frog hot water bottle. That's what make the new Aloe Blossom Tea my number one for October!! 

If you fancy giving any of these product a try let me know! You can contact me on here, or Facebook at @ohaloethere. Have a fantastic weekend!

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